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The  girls and teens yoga workshop  tribe is all about uniting girls in confidence, empowerment, love, and respect. hOMies inspires girls to live mindfully and navigate life from a place of solid self-esteem and integrity.

Judgment-Free, Fun, and Creative

Each month, Sharmin leads the girls in age-appropriate yoga classes, journaling exercises, and group discussions designed specifically to encourage them to find their own voice and understand the power behind their message. She teaches the group that it is important to speak your truth and own it, because your voice is your biggest tool. Sharmin also teaches her students the important of respect and kindness for each other, and that we must value others as we value ourselves.

Girls in this group experience a rise in confidence knowing that they have an important place in the world. Your daughter will love coming each month to a judgment-free, fun, and creative place to just “be” her shining self.

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Sharmin’s peace camp for girls was one of Sayde’s best camps this summer. It was an enriching week, full of wisdom and love.  She met many new friends, enjoyed yoga everyday and journaled all her thoughts throughout. Sharmin always has love in her heart, a smile on her face, and beautiful wisdom to share. She was so good to all of our girls and they left everyday excited to return.

I’ve known Sharmin for many years. Her yoga classes have been therapy and exercise for me.  I walk out of every class feeling inspired and open.  My body and mind both reap the rewards.  She is special!  I recommend anything she is offering 🙂


Sharmin held a Peace Camp this past summer for young girls which my daughter attended. I was running around one morning stressing out about a week after this camp and my 7 year old says “Mommy, you need to take a deep…like this”.  As a wife and mother we strive to be the best…and it’s impossible to do so. I grew up quickly having my first child at the age of 17. I had an amazing support system and went on to marry an amazing man and together had two more children. Now17 years later I’m faced with what I want to be when I grow up. Of course wife and mother are my number one priorities but I also need to find myself. Sharmin has a tremendous gift and shares it with love. Her words are peaceful and encouraging and she truly cares about helping others find the best version of themselves. Sharmin’s passion for happiness is uplifting and honestly has me viewing myself in a much more positive way. I’m excited to find the best me and instill those same values for my daughter.


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