Join Sharmin at hOMe Studio for this 6-week workshop on creating greater love, abundance, and personal empowerment. This is your 40-day journey of subtle shifts for radical change and unlimited happiness! Based on the Best-Selling Book By Gabby Bernstein

Join me for this 6-week workshop on creating greater love,

abundance, and personal empowerment.

Workshop Begins February 26th at 6:30PM Eastern

A copy of “May Cause Miracles” will be provided to each attendee. You will need to bring your own journal to each class.

In this special workshop, you will:

+  Identify how fear is sabotaging your life’s flow in love, relationships, finances, the body and self-image

+  Release old patterns of fear and self-attack in all areas of your life

+  Learn exactly how to become “miracle-minded” and re-frame your thoughts to create positive results

+  Cultivate an empowered greater sense of self and allow gratitude, forgiveness, and love to flow in

+  Create and embrace abundance, acceptance, appreciation, and happiness

+  Learn how to effectively practice being a miracle worker in the world and shine bright with your purpose

+  Meet other heart-centered women and create new connections

+  Feel grounded and connected to your authentic life purpose

+  Benefit from mutual support and accountability

Each week, you’ll relax on comfortable, heated wood floors and sip lemon-infused water or delicious wine.

Sharmin will expertly guide you through the week’s specific lessons, concepts, and meditations, teaching you exactly how to integrate them into your day-to-day life. You’ll share stories in a safe environment and bond with other women while exploring new ways of being in the world.

This popular workshop is proven to be widely effective.