A broga (yoga for bros) gathering like no other!

It’s complicated being a boy. In a world that conditions boys to always be “tough”, only express anger, and immediately react, this tribe helps young men learn to slow down and cope with their feelings in a positive way. It’s a place where everyone belongs, and everyone is welcome to share their stories, and no one is more “superior” than another. The  boys and teens workshops  is a gathering just for young men to explore the depths of their hearts in a way that encourages connection, mindfulness, compassion, and honesty.

Each month, Sharmin leads the boys in age-appropriate yoga classes, journaling exercises, and group discussions designed specifically to encourage positivity, proactivity, and growth. She believes that “strong men” are truly the ones who learn to work with their emotions and find healthy outlets to express how they feel. In the long run, this creates more grounded men who can be role models for others. It also allows for a healthier mind and body as stress is released rather than held in. Your son will develop lifelong skills, emotional connection, and meaningful friendships as he finds his place in the world.


Our next Workshop Begins February 24th and runs through March 23rd.

The Workshop consists of 5 classes. We will meet each Wednesday at 4:00PM. Click below to register. I can’t wait to see you there!

To learn more, email Sharmin at sharminsflowyoga@gmail.com

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