Do you remember the younger version of you? The you that was resilient, playful and free...full of love for herself and the world? When did you lose her? How far back do you have to go to find that child?

You feel her presence when life goes well for you. You feel her freedom and her happiness when you feel loved and supported. She peeks through the grass to remind you of what it's like to be fully present with love.

We try to protect that inner child and we close off parts of us over time. We shut the windows and doors within us. But there is a knowing deep in our souls that tells us we need to heal. We need to breathe fresh air into these hidden spaces. We need to let the light shine through us to heal the past.

When we close off parts of ourselves, we begin to alter our identity. We wake up one day searching for meaning, wondering who we really are, wondering how to find ourselves again because we feel lost.

In October, the trees reveal colors they have hidden, and they let go of what is no longer needed. Humans have an October, too. It's time to reveal who you really are, including all that you have kept hidden, transforming you back to love, acceptance and healing.

It's time to take the next right step

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to dive deep into your soul and search your heart for who you are meant to be. It's time to discover your purpose and begin living the life you deserve.


It's a new dawn for you. You are about to begin the amazing work that will change your life.

Let's do this. Let's find what makes you happy again. Let's find your joy. Let's discover how to reclaim the parts of you that you lost, and own who you are; bravely, unapologetically, powerfully, and boldly living the joyful life you are meant for. This is everything. Reclaim it all back. Your best life begins NOW...

text logo transparent  is a yoga studio and personal development center based in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Sharmin offers yoga, coaching and workshops for women, men, teens, and children.  text logo transparent provides a safe, relaxing environment in which loving transformation is possible for everyone—on and off the mat. Please watch the above slideshow and you will experience what it is like to do transformational coaching work with Sharmin.

One-on-One Coaching With Sharmin

For years I felt like something was missing and yet I kept going through the motions as days passed me by. Someone recommended me to Sharmin, and I’ll always be grateful for that. Sharmin helped me rediscover myself and who I’ve always been, but lost along the way. She was so pleasant to be around and she truly understood my situation. Working with Sharmin has been life-changing and I would recommend her to everyone!

M. Walker

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